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Inventory Just Became Easy

StockAid is the definitive inventory solution for QuickBooks Online. With seamless integration with your QuickBooks account, monitoring your inventory is as simple as syncing your data, setting a few parameters, and pressing run. StockAid does the rest for you, analyzing your sales trends and cycles and helping you purchase the right items in the right quantity at the right time. Turn order recommendations into purchase orders and email vendors all from within the app.

No more manual reorder point calculations. No more complicated excel spreadsheets. Inventory just became easy.

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Hosted in the Cloud

Available 24/7/365. It’s your data on your schedule.

Automatic Monitoring

Run an ad hoc analysis or setup a nightly process, allowing StockAid to actively monitor your business’s sales trends and cycles, keeping you on top of your purchasing needs without even lifting a finger.

Integration with QuickBooks

Sync your data with QuickBooks Online, Desktop, or Enterprise.

Multi-Level Bill of Materials (BOMs)

Top-level demand pushes all the way down the BOM chain, making sure you’ve got everything you need from the nuts and bolts to the final assembly.

Historical & Predictive Charts

View by usage, direct sales, and BOMs. Graphical displays show you trends and patterns in a form that makes sense.

Turn Order Recommendations into Purchase Orders

Set a vendor and a shipping type for a group of items. Click once to create a purchase order. Click once more to export to QuickBooks Online. StockAid automatically emails a copy to the vendor if you choose. Click-click-click-done. Time for coffee.

Fine Tuned Item Control

Set a wide range of parameters including Service Levels, Minimum Order Qtys, Lead Times, Lot Multiples, and Discontinued Products / Phase Out items.

New Product Introductions

No history? No problem. Copy history from an existing product to generate a forecast for a new product introduction.


Pricing Scaled to Fit Your Needs

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$ 49 99

      Up to 100 Items
      Ad Hoc Analysis
      Item Tuning
      Order Recommendations
      Email Support

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$ 149 99

      Up to 1,000 Items
      Automatic Nightly Analysis
      Bill of Materials Creation
      Advanced Item Tuning
      Purchase Order Creation
      Email Support

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$ 499 99

      Up to 10,000 Items
      Automatic Nightly Analysis
      Bill of Materials Creation
      Advanced Item Tuning
      Purchase Order Creation
      Phone Support

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About Us

William Lovett - Owner and Architect

Will decided to put together StockAid several years ago after getting fed up with the forecasting software and predatory business practices of a major ERP provider (which shall remain nameless). Will brings over 10 years of manufacturing, logistics, and software engineering experience to StockAid's design and business philosophy. Previous positions include work for NASA, the U.S. Navy, and a Tier 1 manufacturing and distribution facility for Chrysler, amongst others.

Dr. Neil Diamond - Data Scientist

Neil is currently the Research Director of ESQUANT Statistical Consulting in Melbourne, Australia. With over 35 years experience in both industry and academia, Neil brings considerable expertise in time-series analysis as a contributor to StockAid. Previous posts include Associate Professor and Coordinator of Statistical Support at Victoria University and the Director of Statistical Consulting in the Department of Econometrics and Business Statistics at Monash University.

David Williams - Grizzled Startup Veteran

David provides a variety of services to StockAid, having helped several startups find solid footing including MassageBook, Netrist, and Bibliolabs, the world's largest online book publisher and a 2012 Fortune 500 fastest growing company. He currently spends most of his time working in Indianapolis where he expects it to be a cold winter.

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